30 May 2024

Truro Whiteface Hit Beef 2024

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For the first time in many years, Truro Whiteface cattle were on show in Rocky for the highly anticipated Beef 2024.

Taking 4 head, Team Truro had a very fun, successful and , of course, social week.

Truro Queenie S147 (P) placed second in her class, cow 30 months and under 36 months, going on to win Reserve Champion Senior Cow.

Truro Tropical T046 (P) placed first in his class, bull 24 months and under 30 months, along side Truro Texas T111 (P) who placed second and Truro Tomcat T121 (H) who looked very strong out in the ring.

Tropical progressed on to be named Reserve Champion Senior Bull.

In the breeders group class we were placed in second.

Scott was also very privileged to be asked to judge while in Rocky, judging the Blonde D’Aquitaine.

All round a very successful and fun trip away for Team Truro!


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