2023 Truro Spring Sale

Our annual Spring Sale will be held this year on-property at “Truro”, Bellata on Monday 28th August.

Inspections will begin at 10am and the sale will commence at 1pm. 40 stud bulls will be up for sale.

Click here to view 2023 Spring Sale supplementary sheet.

Click here to view the online catalogue on the Herefords Australia website.

Click here to watch videos of all sale lots on YouTube, or alternatively scroll down this page.

Click here to view all sale lots on the AuctionsPlus website, where you will also be able to bid online on sale day.

Truro Whiteface 2023 Spring Sale Catalogue

Sale Lots

Click on the name of each lot to view their pedigree on the Herefords Australia website.

Lot 1 Truro Sire Power S170 (H)

Dam of Lot 1- JDHM157

Lot 2 Truro Sherlock S188 (P)

Read more about Sherlock’s success in 2023 here:

Truro Sherlock Shines at Taroom Show

Truro’s Success Keeps Building






Lot 3 Truro Stick ‘N’ Stones S194 (S)

Lot 4 Truro Stitch in Time S200 (H)

Dam of Lot 4- JDHN121

Lot 5 Truro Son of a Gun S204 (PP)

Lot 6 Truro Tipparary T005 (P)

Photo and video still to come.

Lot 7 Truro Tank T009 (S)


Lot 8 Truro Tarzan T013 (PP)

Lot 9 Truro Tailor Made T014 (PP)

Lot 10 Truro Tallow T016 (P)

Lot 11 Truro Toolbox T025 (P)

Lot 12 Truro Teamster T030 (AI) (TW) (H)

Lot 13 Truro Toy Boy T032 (AI) (PP)

Lot 14 Truro Tequila T035 (AI) (H)

Lot 15 Truro Titan T036 (AI) (H)

Lot 16 Truro Tradie T040 (P)

Lot 17 Truro Tribal T045 (PP)

Lot 18 Truro Tropical T046 (P)

Lot 19 Truro Trophy T047 (P)

Dam of Lot 19- JDHL074

Lot 20 Truro Top Dog T052 (AI) (H)

Lot 21 Truro Tru Blu T053 (AI) (H)

Lot 22 Truro Tuff T056 (P)

Lot 23 Truro Two Up T057 (AI) (H)

Lot 24 Truro Thor T066 (AI)(H)

Lot 25 Truro Tonto T067 (AI) (H)

Lot 26 Truro Turbo T068 (P)

Lot 27 Truro Thorpe T071 (AI) (H)

Lot 28 Truro Top End T077 (AI) (H)

Lot 29 Truro Throttle T080 (AI) (H)

Lot 30 Truro Tango T081 (PP)

Dam of Lot 30- JDHN066

Lot 31 Truro Totem T082 (P)

Lot 32 Truro Touchdown T083 (P)

Lot 33 Truro Taurus T091 (PP)

Lot 34 Truro Trooper T099 (P)

Lot 35 Truro Typhoon T100 (P)

Lot 36 Truro TikTok T103 (H)

Lot 37 Truro Top Shelf T104 (H)

Lot 38 Truro Touch of Class T108 (AI) (P)

Lot 39 Truro Texas T111 (P)

Lot 40 Truro TNT T116 (H)