05 Sep 2023

RAS Feedlot Trial Results Highlight Truro Performance Once Again

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Truro Whiteface has achieved amazing results in the final phase of the RAS Sydney Royal Beef Challenge.

In the first phase of the feedlot competition, Truro placed third in 100-day export class for average daily weight gain. Their steers also placed second in the individual highest daily weight gain in the export pens.

In the second and final phase of the competition, in the carcase results, Truro has once again accomplished great results.  

As part of the competition, each pen is judged as a team, as well as each animal also being judged individually.

Truro’s results are as follows:

70-day domestic class

  • 1st and 3rd in the team carcase judge
  • 1st and equal 3rd (3 times) in the individual carcase judge

100-day export class

  • Equal 1st (with Milner Ag and Texas Angus) in the team carcase grid
  • 2nd in individual daily weight gain
  • 3rd in individual carcase grid
  • 1st in individual eating quality

Pip and Scott are extremely proud of these results and believe this now proves that their cattle and Hereford cattle in particular, can peg it with the best and will perform to an exceptionally high standard.

 Around 8 years ago, after the completion of that year’s feedlot competition, Truro realised that although they were very good in average daily weight gain, they were not performing in the carcase component of the competition. Their cattle were well below par, and they realised they had work to do in increasing carcase and IMF. After benchmarking themselves against the best in the business, and through rigorous genetic selections, Truro is finally starting to see the fruits of their labour. Not only are they doing well in the carcase components of the competition, they are winning against the best in the business, against both pure breeds and cross breeds.


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