2022 Autumn Sale

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In 2022, for the first time, we will having an Autumn sale. We will be offering 20 bulls and 6 females. The sale will be conducted purely online through AuctionsPlus.

Comments on all sale lots can found downloaded by clicking on this link below!!

Sale Lots

Breedplan figures for each sale lot can be accessed on the Herefords Australia website by clicking on the animals name below.

All sale females are sold pregtested in calf- any calf shown in pictures is not included in the sale (except lot 27 whose calf is included).

Lot 1: Truro Qantas Q046 (S)

Lot 2: Truro Red Dog R005 (PP)

Lot 3: Truro Rocket Man R014 (PP)

Lot 4: Truro Rhumba R018 (P)

Lot 5: Truro Reward R019 (P)

Lot 6: Truro Remington R029 (P)

Lot 7: Truro Rodeo R030 (PP)

Lot 8: Truro Razzle Dazzle R036 (S)

Lot 9: Truro Rum ‘N’ Raisin R037 (P)

Lot 10: Truro Redgum R042 (PP)

Lot 11: Truro Raffa R055 (P)

Lot 12: Truro Romantic R056 (S)

Lot 13: Truro Red Foo R057 (P)

Lot 14: Truro Reebok R063 (P)

Lot 15: Truro Royalty R067 (S)

Lot 16: Truro Ready To Rumble R076 (PP)

Lot 17: Truro Ricardo R080 (H#)

Lot 18: Truro Ring My Bell R081 (P)

Lot 19: Truro Rhinestone R082 (PP)

Lot 20: Truro Rocky Road R086 (H)

Lot 21: Truro Resilience R087 (H#)

Lot 22: Truro Maple J010 (H#)

Lot 23: Truro Koala J022 (H#)

Lot 24: Truro Largess J023 (P)

Lot 25: Truro Irish Girl J048 (P)

Lot 26: Truro Lettuce J070 (AI) (P)

Lot 27: Truro Daffodil J132 (H)