2021 Bull and Female Sale

Our 2021 bull and female sale will be held on property at “Truro” Bellata on Monday August 30. 

Click below to download the 2021 Truro Sale catalogue 2021.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find photos of this years sale lots!

This years selling agents are:

                                                  Ray White Rural                                  Elders
                                                  Russell Smyth                                     Nik Hannaford
                                                  Bingara                                               Gunnedah
                                                  0428 684 227                                      0417 201 460

Well what a difference some rain makes! We hope everyone is enjoying the season and may it continue for a long while. The cattle market is nothing short of amazing !! With the numbers being short in all categories we can’t see it changing in the next couple of years.

Our 2021 catalogue is a collection full of bulls with real performance and data that is at the very top end of the breed. We’ve been working overtime making our cattle more efficient in every trait. This is especially in the traits of fertility, calving ease, birth weight and gestation length. 2021 is the beginning of us offering a draft of yearling bulls that exhibit these traits, in the purple.

Very positive calving ease, low to moderate birth weights with short gestation. These all go hand in hand and we’ve worked really hard on our selection of both bulls and females. Please don’t think we’ve forgotten all our carcase traits, of course we haven’t! Our EMAs and IMFs have received enormous attention over the last 10 years. We feel these yearling bulls are epitomising what we are striving to achieve at Truro.

The whole draft from the older bulls to the yearlings are packed full of performance.

At Truro we have moved strongly into using more Poll genetics, but in the last couple of years we have seen an increase in demand for horn genetics, and to this end we have joined our horn cows back to horn bulls for the last two years. We are dedicated to breeding both horn and poll Herefords, sourcing out the best genetics with performance that we can.

It has been a challenge finding horn Herefords with desirable fertility data! Fortunately we found a bull called Hylands Fortunate (no pun intended) last year, with calves hitting the ground now. They look amazing and we can’t wait to watch them grow and measure their performance.

Last year we also purchased a Poll sire, Yalgoo Peacemaker, and we can’t tell you how excited we are about the calves by this fellow.

If we could put into one sentence what our goals are, and what we are trying to achieve at Truro, it would be:

We are aiming for cattle with high calving ease, short gestation, low to moderate birth, high growth, muscle and IMF data with positive fats and retail beef yield – that are functional, easy doing, sound cattle that are easy on the eye with performance !!

High expectations, but desirable and definitely achievable.

Would love to see you, or have a conversation, on the 30th August, or before.

All the best in Herefords

Scotty, Pip and family

2021 Sale Lots

Click on the images below to see each animal’s pedigree on the Herefords’ Australia website.

Lot 1 Truro Prankster P011 (P)

Lot 2 Truro Pocahontas P026 (H#)

Lot 3 Truro Poncho P048 (H)

Lot 4 Truro Pinnacle P058 (S)

Lot 5 Truro Pilliga P103 (H#)

Lot 6 Truro Pivotal P161 (AI) (ET) (P)

Lot 7 Truro Powerpack P164 (AI) (ET) (PP)

Lot 9 Truro Quickdraw Q006 (P)

Lot 10 Truro Quart Pot Q022 (P)

Lot 11 Truro Quade Q030 (S)

Lot 12 Truro Quicktime Q045 (H)

Lot 13 Truro Qantas Q046 (S)

Lot 14 Truro Quizmaster Q048 (P)

Lot 15 Truro Q in Line Q051 (P)

Lot 16 Truro Quincy Q052 (S)

Lot 17 Truro Quartz Q057 (H)

Lot 18 Truro Questacon Q067 (H#)

Lot 19 Truro Ripple Effect R001 (P)

Lot 20 Truro Rembrandt R007 (P)

Lot 21 Truro Rain Dance R009 (P)

Lot 22 Truro Rush Hour R020 (P)

Lot 23 Truro Raptor R024 (P)

Lot 24 Truro Riddler R034 (S)

Lot 25 Truro Razzle Dazzle R036 (S)

Lot 26 Truro Rising Sun R044 (S)

Lot 27 Truro Rebel R050 (S)

Lot 28 Truro Radradra R051 (S)

Lot 29 Truro Romantic R056 (S)

Lot 30 Truro Rambo R078 (S)

Lot 31 Truro Advance G146 (AI) (P)

Lot 33 Truro Marianne J044 (H)

Lot 34 Truro Princess Christian L (H)

Lot 37 Truro Marianne R006 (P)

Lot 38 Truro Koala R032 (P)

Lot 39 Truro Ruth R064 (P)

Lot 40 Truro Princess R088 (P)